LeadPoint is the world’s first and largest online marketplace for the lead generation industry. Founded in early 2004 by technology industry veterans Marc Diana and Per Pettersen, LeadPoint was created with the vision of bringing market forces to the lead generation space in multiple verticals and multiple geographies.

As the Internet’s most comprehensive location for lead buyers and sellers to exchange high-quality leads, LeadPoint’s proprietary trading platform has ushered in the next generation of online lead generation by introducing a pay-for-performance model to what had previously been a strictly fixed-price market.  It offers buyers the most efficient way to purchase exactly the type of leads they are looking for, without the fear of fraud, for exactly what they want to pay. For lead sellers, LeadPoint simplifies the lead generation process by providing a one-stop location to reach a broad range of pre-screened buyers while eliminating many of the old issues of lead generation such as credit risk, multiple contracts and managing a direct network of buyers.

LeadPoint currently trades the following leads in the UK:

Mortgages – Remortgage, First Time Buyer, Buy To Let, Next Time Buyer

Loans – Secured, Unsecured, Payday Loans

Debt – Debt Management, IVA

Insurance – Private Medical Insurance, Life Insurance (coming soon)

For more information please visit LeadPoint at www.leadpoint.co.uk or call us on 0203 178 2174.